NHS – 5 ways to wellbeing

NHS – 5 ways to wellbeing

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Do something nice for a friend or a charity; thank someone, smile or volunteer your time or join a community group or club. Seeing yourself and your happiness as connected to where you live or the local community is rewarding, makes you feel good and helps you build connections too.



Connect not only with the people around you – such as family members, through school or work – but also by volunteering in your community or through working. If you struggle with making friends or feel socially anxious, an animal or pet can really help, or choose one thing that could make a difference and help you belong. It could be volunteering for a charity shop, walking your neighbour’s dog or deciding to join a club, taking up a hobby or sport or just valuing your friends and family more. It could mean connecting with nature or animals or birds more by spending more time outside.

Take notice

take notice

This might sound silly, but it’s about those Instagram moments of just noticing the sunset, or the rain on the window, the birds singing or sending a text to a friend or family member. Try walking to work or college, sit in the park or eat lunch outside. Whether in a town or the country there are always things to make us smile – a squirrel or pigeon, the clouds in the sky or children playing in the park.

Keep learning

keep learning

This doesn’t mean academic work or reading. It could be music, taking up a hobby, trying a language, cooking, downloading podcasts, knitting or photography, anything! If we keep ourselves busy and fulfilled – even if we feel exhausted and don’t have the energy, by having hobbies and interests it can make life richer and gives us more to get up for.

“Focus on ‘small wins’ … Do the little things and use it as a springboard. Whatever you can do, be proud of it!”

Be active

be active

Sometimes it may feel a huge effort just to get out of bed and get dressed. On days that you feel well, make sure your room is tidy and clean and make it a regular habit to go for a walk – just 10 minutes of exercise a day will make a difference. If we can build from that to walk further or go for a jog or cycle – then great, as exercise is proven to make us feel good.

There are some great apps to help us keep on track, whether couch to 5k or a few exercises each day – it is really important to choose something that you ENJOY and is suitable for your mobility and fitness. Plan rewards for yourself too, if you manage to keep to your goals for a week or a month – something new to wear, a trip to the cinema that computer game you wanted.