Cannabis and other drugs

Cannabis and other drugs

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Sometimes it may feel like everyone is doing drugs. We notice those who are using and there will always be someone around at parties, at festivals, on the street, maybe who you know, who is making money by supplying others.

People who use feel better and more normal if others around them are using too and may try to pressure others to join in – but the fact is, most under 25s don’t take drugs – you just don’t notice the 70% out having a good time, bowling, at the cinema, working, gaming or chilling with mates – or most people at a club or party, who are just having a few drinks, dancing, eating, chatting and having a good time.

All drugs have risk

All drugs, legal and illegal carry risks. The risks from legal medicines – contents, overdose, side effects, interactions with other drugs or alcohol – are managed very carefully for us by the government, doctors, nurses and pharmacists, but with illegal drugs the safety measures of medicines aren’t there.

drug sachet - All drugs, legal and illegal carry risks

Illegal drugs – what are the risks?

The best advice begins and ends with the message that the only way to make the risk of using illegal drugs zero is not to take them because there isn’t an ingredient list or a safe dose to be followed, and you can’t check what the contents are.

Illegal drugs are produced by people who make money from dealing and supplying

Illegal drugs are produced by people who make money from dealing and supplying and as drugs pass from person to person, the contents or mix can be altered to increase the profit, by adding other ingredients.

Sometimes these additives are harmless, but they can also be stronger or can complicate the effect and risk of the main drug itself.

There is also risk from very strong or pure drugs, especially MDMA / ecstasy and cocaine. This can cause damage to people’s physical and mental health as well as deaths.

There are plenty of sites where you can learn more about individual substances and their effects, such as

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