When not to drink

When not to drink

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For those who do chose to drink alcohol, there are still certain situations where alcohol should be avoided.  Don’t drink…

don't drink if planning to drive

if planning to drive

As alcohol slows down our reactions and coordination it affects our ability to drive any vehicle, which is why we have strict laws. Watch out for the next morning too, as it takes an hour for the liver to break down a unit of alcohol, so if someone has had 10 average drinks (pints or doubles) it will take 20 hours for all the alcohol to leave the blood stream.

don't drink when operationg machinery or working at heights

when operating machinery, using electrical equipment or working at heights

don't drink before playing sport

before playing sport

it will affect your speed, reactions and performance. As alcohol is dehydrating, it’s not wise to drink straight after aerobic sport either.

don't drink when on medication

while on certain medications

– ask your doctor if you are unsure. Alcohol does not mix well with many prescription drugs such as anti-depressants.

don't drink when pregnant

when pregnant

– as alcohol passes from the placenta into a baby’s bloodstream, there’s no safe level of drinking if pregnant. If someone drinks a lot and often when pregnant it can lead to a baby having life-long problems with learning and function – this is called Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.

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